Download the call for the Insight 2020: Call for Submission (pdf)


What can be submitted?

Visualizations (not photographic images) created by the researchers themselves and associated with their (scientific) work. The data representations should be visually appealing and reveal information contained in the underlying data. Therefore, any scientific image (not a photograph) can be submitted that is:

The images can be submitted in any common electronic image format (min 750x750 pixels), common vector graphics are preferred.

How to submit?

A submission is simple. Please send an e-mail to by 15 December 2019 at the latest and add the following information:

1) Name and contact information of the creator
2) Date of creation
3) Title of the visualization
4) Description of technical or scientific background (about 5 sentences)
5) Associated publication (file or link, optional)
6) Image file in any common electronic image format (vector prefered)

After acceptance of your image

If your submission is accepted, you will have the opportunity to revise your image and description if proposed. The pictures will be then printed on a suitable material (e.g. canvas, acrylic, aluminium dibond) and presented in an exhibition in Vienna. The Insight 2020 vernissage will take place in April 2020 at the TU Wien where the exhibited pictures (unique copies) can be purchased by interested visitors. The net income is donated to a charitable purpose. The presentation of a visualization does not depend on the presence of the author.


Two prices will be awarded:

* Insight-Award for the most insightful Visualization 2014 (awarding by Committee)
* Insight-Award for the most aesthetic Visualization 2014 (choice of exhibition visitors)

Important Dates